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Free, Accurate Market Rates Based on Current, Real-World Transactions. Oh, Did We Mention They’re Free?

For contingent workforce program owners, procurement and HR departments, and CFOs, TDX Market Rates lets you find market rates for all of your contingent worker positions, and then see exactly how those rates change based on varying location, length of assignment, level of seniority, and other important variables.

Our rates are developed by applying sophisticated data science modeling to  a high volume of real-world transactional data from members of the TDX data service, and are far more accurate than solutions that use data based on surveys, job advertising data, or assumptions based on converting salaries for similar permanent or employee positions.

With TDX Market Rates, you get true market rates with absolute conformity – apples to apples comparability – and answers to vexing questions based on real-world transactions and superior data.


What is the going market rate for a specific contingent worker position in my locale?

How do the rates we’re paying compare to market rates? Are we paying in the top quartile or bottom?

To what extent does the rate change based on the location, length of assignment, level of seniority, etc?

Companies that contribute data are TDX members and have unlimited access to TDX Market Rates free of charge in perpetuity. Any data you provide is anonymized and kept confidential.

How can I get free market rates for my organization?