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The Best Strategies Spring From Human Intelligence Built on Deep Domain Expertise and AI Applied to Mounds of Structured Data

Companies like yours typically spend more money on their workforce than on anything else – often hundreds of millions (or more) on contingent workers. Yet few companies have effective modelling capabilities to support overall workforce planning. And while Global 2000 companies spend hundreds of millions (or more) on contingent workers, few have the strategies or tools in place to optimize the spending on and deployment of those resources.

Why? Because strategically building, expanding and optimizing an organization’s contingent workforce management approach is complex and far-reaching.

Brightfield helps our clients build a comprehensive workforce plan, assess the maturity of your CWM program, and define your program’s strategy and design principles. We show you how to manage your contingent

workforce and architect an operating model and governance structure for your contingent workforce program to successfully execute and oversee your strategy. We’ll also help you execute the right process for selecting your MSP and/or VMS providers. We deliver the customized recommendations necessary to drive continuous improvement, regardless of the complexity.

The Brightfield consulting team has experience not only as consultants but also as contingent workforce practitioners with decades of experience. And, our consultants are backed by our proprietary AI-driven workforce analytics platform and sophisticated tools that give better answers to difficult questions faster than ever before. As a result, we look at problems through multiple lenses, weigh every alternative, vet each decision, and carefully consider each workforce concern.


What skill sets do we need five years from now to meet our corporate goals?

How to deploy our contingent workforce program globally?

What governance model and structure should be in place to minimize risk?

What is our best rate strategy?

What is our total talent acquisition strategy?


Brightfield Program Assessment Services

Strategic workforce planning, including defining talent demand, assessing internal and external talent supply, modelling alternatives to close workforce gaps, and identifying the steps needed to execute.

Defining your organization’s workforce strategy and design principles, and architecting a contingent workforce operating model to successfully execute your strategy.

Assessing workforce needs and evaluating the effectiveness of current sourcing models, examining labor supply and costs at multiple locations, and providing the data needed to support a successful talent acquisition strategy.

Establishing an effective contingent workforce governance framework starts with identifying opportunities for improving governance, risk management, and compliance with local laws and regulations.