Talent Data Exchange

Talent Data Exchange (TDX) is the world’s most advanced, AI-driven workforce analytics platform for CHROs, CFOs, and professionals in Global 2000 companies who lead contingent workforce, talent acquisition, or procurement functions.

Powerful AI-Driven Results

With TDX machine learning models and predictive analytics, you’ll get data-driven insights about your contingent and employee workforce that even a team of Einsteins couldn’t get. And that translates into:

Short Term

  • Substantial cost savings without sacrificing talent quality
  • Faster time-to-fill for employees and contingent workers
  • Reduced compliance risks
  • Smarter pay and bill rates for contingent workers

Long Term

  • Bigger value and impact from your contingent workforce and talent acquisition functions
  • Stronger executive-level and budget support for the functions you lead
  • Highly satisfied hiring managers


TDX doesn’t just crunch your data and give you pretty charts.
Here’s why TDX delivers greater accuracy and more insights that any other workforce analytics solution.


Real transactional
market data.

Analyzing your data is good. Comparing it to current market data is better. Using only real-world transactional data from you and the market is best.


Job conformity at
a DNA level.

Comparing jobs with the same job titles is dumb, because they’re inherently un-alike. But that’s where most talent analytics begin. TDX “reads” position descriptions and understands every company’s jobs at a DNA level, making comparisons fundamentally more accurate.


Superior workforce

Most talent analytics are driven by filtering and averaging. That’s horse and buggy stuff. Modern AI techniques generate insights that can’t be found with human intelligence alone. Ask us about TDX machine learning models, predictive analytics, and more.


Deep domain

We’re not just number crunchers. Since our founding in 2006, Brightfield has consulted on workforce challenges with the world’s largest companies. That knowledge is built into TDX, and our consultants use TDX every day.

TDX Capabilities:
Do Great Things

TDX will help you run your Contingent Workforce and Talent Acquisition functions more strategically and efficiently.

Performance Diagnostics

Diagnose the most powerful opportunities for improving the quality, cost, risk, and efficiency of your contingent workforce and talent acquisition programs.

Rate Cards

Assess the market, compliance, and strategic fitness of your rate card and get automated rate card recommendations. Make informed adjustments based on rate card objectives, historical and current assignments, existing rate cards, and market insight. Quantify the likely impact of rate card changes.

Job Title / Taxonomy Standardization

Rationalize and simplify your job title taxonomy using automated, dynamic taxonomy tools.

Position Description Enhancement

Improve your position descriptions by excluding language that unnecessarily adds cost or lengthens time-to-fill, or by adding language that makes the search for the right employee or contingent worker more precise.

Statement of Work (SOW) Visibility

Identify, centralize, structure, and analyze the SOW data currently buried in PDFs, Word docs, and other unstructured formats. If you’re like most companies, your SOW spend is your largest segment of contingent workforce spend.

QBR/Governance Reporting

Extract a tailored set of key performance measures and financial insights and benchmarks into a PowerPoint for key business reviews.

Why You Can Trust Our Data Security

The power of TDX comes in part from its use of real-world, transactional workforce data from hundreds of large companies. Companies trust us with their data because we take data security seriously, and because we can demonstrate an impeccable track record due to a powerful combination of data security technologies, processes, and policies.

Just for starters . . . No personal identifiable information (PII) is collected and used by the TDX platform. All TDX member data is vetted and anonymous. Data files are uploaded using data encryption at-transfer and at-rest and hosted on a SAS 70 Type II certified and PCI Level 1 compliant hosting environment.

The platform is protected by an SSL certificate which encrypts data seen in a user’s browser, and includes security coding practices such as:

  • Authentication via username and password using password strength rules
  • Password expiry time with business rules on previous usage
  • Password encryption in the database
  • Account lockout for failed logins, and more.