Meet the Brightfield Leadership

Brightfield is where passionate professionals come to do meaningful work and shape the future of work. We not only develop best practices for an entire industry, we also supply know-how that can turn blue sky thinking into bottom line results for our customers.

Unlike most consultancies, we don’t have just one person with related field experience; we offer an entire staff of dedicated industry practitioners that eat, sleep and breathe contingent workforce issues daily and have done so for many years.

Jason Ezratty, Co-founder, President & Chairman
Jason Ezratty

Co-founder, President & Chairman

Michael Benyamin, Chief Consulting and Business Development Officer
Michael Benyamin

Chief Revenue Office

Christopher Minnick, Co-founder & Executive Vice President of People
Christopher Minnick

Co-founder & Executive Vice President of People

William Severin

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Ginocchio, Chief Financial Officer
Paul Ginocchio

Chief Financial Officer

Kristen McArdle, Senior Vice President, Methodology
Kristen McArdle

Senior Vice President, Methodology

Sarah Koshiol, Vice President, Consulting
Sarah Koshiol

Vice President, Consulting

Ben Walker, Senior Vice President, Partner Programs
Ben Walker

Senior Vice President, Partner Programs