% vs. $
Let the data decide.

Year the Federal Unemployment
Tax Act passed.

Today's workforce comes in
every size, shape, and color.

shovelBetter insight comes when
you dig a little deeper.

Difference in high & low SUTA rates.

Difference in high & low SUTA limits.

In a true datacracy all information has merit. There are times though when some data not only commands more attention but demands it. Brightfield's new U.S. Statutory Cost Estimator is a must-see comparison of statutory labor costs and independent contractor compliance information across 50 states. Presenting a capsule mapping of which are more or less expensive per employee, their state and federal tax rates and tax costs as well as the state minimum wage. To use, simply select the data you'd like to compare in the window below and enter any required rate/time information. The map reflects differences between states while scrolling across individual states offers state specific values. A word of caution. While technically accurate, Brightfield's U.S. Statutory Cost Estimator is in no way intended to serve as a replacement for legal advice, so please consult qualified counsel before acting on information. This new invaluable tool does however provide current state by state work rate data down to the decimal. Because from coast to coast, north to south, different states have different criteria for classifying employees and wages.